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Emining Technical Training Institute is a unique public institution under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Kenya. It is managed by a Board of Governors drawn from Industry, Academia and Religious spheres. The founding Board consists of Eng. Sembele Michael (Chairman), Mr. Benjamin Sogomo (former TSC Sectretary and PS Cooperatives), Bishop Raimoi (Presiding Bishop AIC Baringo), Dr. Kimeli (Dean of Students , School of Science, University of Eldoret), Madam Alice Mutai (D/Registrar, Technical University of Kenya), Eng. George Matoke (Director, TVET South Rift),  Wakili Songoyo ( Office of the DPP) and Mr. Jonah Kimengich (Principal & Secretary to the Board). Other professionals in Finance and Administration are undergoing the appointment process by the Minister to balance gender and enhance Board’s Capacity. The Board is strategic, efficient, and professional and zero tolerant to corruption. The Board, in partnership with ETTI Management and teachers, aspires (and is) to influencing policy in the Community and Kenya through sound economic, social, academic and religious practices.

In the words of Rupert Maclean ,Director UNESCO : “While education is the key to development, TVET (Technical, Vocational, Education and Training) is the Master Key, which opens the doors to poverty alleviation, rising standards of living, greater justice, equity and fairness in various societies”. Emining Technical trains students in the fields of Engineering, Agriculture, ICT, Business and Human Resources. Our slogan is “Skills for Life”.

The main function of the Board of Emining Technical and/or Emining Technical is to acquire and/receive resources (land, money, equipment, human resources and time) and transfer enhanced value in form of skills, career growth, economic empowerment and high quality products to the students, teaching & non-teaching staff, local community and Kenyans in general. Kindly enjoy the fruits thereof!

Why do I say Emining Technical Training Institute  is a unique public institution? I say so because of the following strategies employed to achieve growth in infrastructure, practical-oriented training of students for self-reliance, career growth of tutors and customer satisfaction:

Embracing the Learning Factory concept. The institute generates wealth using the established/equipped workshops & labs and the available human resources comprising of the 23 TSC teachers (half from industry) and 14 professional BoG employees.

Making the concept of Value-Based Education a reality. We aspire to derive value from every resource at our disposal- land , personnel, machinery, partnerships, clean environment, the hospital community etc. We always ask ourselves if the current value of Emining Assets is Kshs. 500 Million , what is the actual value transferred to the lives of the students, teachers, community and value for money to all stakeholders who support the institution?

Corruption free environment- doing what is not only legally right but also morally right. The Board does not accept or ask for kickbacks from contractors. We pride ourselves as an institution that gives out a “total cheque’’ to a contractor upon delivery of quality item or service. We do not entertain tribalism or nepotism.

Economy of resources- learning space, teachers, machinery, workshops, students and money received from GoK or Student fees. Our students receive bursaries from HELB, County Government bursaries (Majorly Baringo County Government), CDF (Mogotio, Tiaty, Bomet & Baringo South), Amini CBO operating in Mogotio District and lately Woman Representative bursaries (Affirmative Action funds).  In Emining Technical, we say, learning is not about money but skill acquisition! This is the place to be! Learning is not free but access to bursaries and scholarships makes it “free” in Emining Technical.

Embracing partnership with the Ministry of Youth in coaching  and funding for seed capital for equipment for self-employment through Youth Funds, Uwezo funds and Women Funds. What we are saying here is this, that upon completion of  your course in Emining Technical, you have an opportunity to start earning and living an independent powerful economic life while you utilize the seed equipment you acquire through Youth funds while still in school! You can form your company or register a Self Help Group With your colleagues!

The Board values innovation, critical thinking, partnership and hard work. Watch this space for more in the near future!

Yours in Service,

Eng. Sembele Michael , Msc Project Mgt (JKUAT) , Bsc (Eng) Mechanical (UON)