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Mr Meshack K Kones

The office of the registrar is one of the Administrative units of Emining Technical Training Institute and its main responsibility is to coordinate the academic programmes.It also oversees the provision of relevant and adequate learning materials in order to facilitate and ensure that the trainees are accorded quality training. The unit also ensures that  learners are offered variety of career focused diploma and certificate courses in Engineering General Agriculture,Mechanical/Automotive Engineering, Information communication technology ICT, and Business.

Enrollment is done in January, May and September for regular programmes while admissions for holiday sessions are done in April, August and December every year for computer systems application packages. Currently, the examination bodies are Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and Kenya Accountants and Secretaries Examination Board (KASNEB).

In the near future the institute is planning to put on offer more competencies based training (CBT) programs targeting small and medium Enterprises and other Industrial players.