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Mr Jonah Kimengich

ETTI endeavors to provide sufficient skills that meet manufacturers’ needs and functions in industry. We will achieve this through research and collaboration with industry, and waking up to meet and listen to the labor market that demands certain levels of skill and diversity in different disciplines.This requires us to provide an enabling environment suitable for acquisition of technology, to ease learning and training. This has been our priority as a TVET institution of higher learning. We intent to increase our students’ competitiveness through Competence Based Education and Training CBET through the support of the central government in supply of more training equipments.As we grow, it is our collective responsibility to attain and maintain good results throughout in all courses. This has been achievable due to the support of TSC in posting and employing qualified teachers to teach in the institute and the provision and installation of auto lab equipment by the GOK. As stipulated in our strategic plan, we intent to start new market oriented courses, however this will require more training space and equipment and personnel