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Mr. Samson Ruto

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to Emining technical training institute’s website.

The website gives you a virtual insight on the academic programs, services and interactions with the outside world. Your interest on the site and feedback is highly welcome.

Emining TTI is living by its motto Technology for Self Advancement’. Emining TTI is a fast growing institution aiming to develop competent, innovative, creative and dependable human capital that suits the job market in line with the Kenya vision 2030.

The office of the deputy principal is mandated to ensure full implementation of the curriculum as per the institute’s academic policy. Our focus is to produce an all rounded person with technical competencies coupled with self-discipline and patriotism. This is achieved with the support of dedicated faculty and committed non-teaching staff and enhanced by the input of the Church through the college chaplaincy.

The institute is currently engaged in collaboration with government departments and other organizations to foster a friendly environment for our trainees in all aspects.

We sincerely thank all stake holders for their support which has seen the fast growth of the institution.

We invite you to join us as we match toward our vision to beA Centre of excellence in science, technology and innovation.