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Mr Bitok Joseph

Emining Technical Training Institute is a great institution and it is an institution with a difference. The name Emining is a kalenjin word that means “Small land”. This implies the institute has a potential of being one of the best institution in the country. It is the desire of the Deans Office to perform its functions to the highest standards as stated by the employer and to the satisfaction of the students and the management.

The Office of the Dean of Students supports students in their academic and life endeavors and is responsible for educating students about the rights and responsibilities of membership in an academic community, and in doing so, help students prepare to be ethical and engaged citizens.

The Office of the Dean of Students is also a place students can go if they need assistance and are not sure where or how to obtain resources or answers to their questions.

The Office of the Dean of Students reports to the principal. Other tasks of the Dean of Students include:

  • Focus on initiatives that support the development of the whole student
  • Oversee Student Code of Conduct processes and education
  • Respond to general student issues and concerns and advocate for students (help students navigate the Institute)
  • Assist with response to student emergencies or concerns.
  • Monitor student academic progress among others.

Our mission is to incorporate a student centered approach in all of the programs, services, and student experiences that we provide. They are free always to ASK THE DEAN! Have a question? Just ask! We shall respond ISNTANTLLY!